f-prot's new mailbox licensing model

Rishi Gangoly rishi at THEARGONCOMPANY.COM
Wed Jun 11 10:31:53 IST 2003

On Tuesday 10 Jun 2003 5:17 pm, you wrote:
> Naturally it CAN be done but i would stronlgy advice to keep running a
> virus scanner also. If not f-prot then for example ClamAV...
> Bye,
> Raymond.

But what would happen if Clam AV or f-prot was not used? Wouldn't MailScanner
catch / trap / quarantine all the viruses?

The only viruses that would probably slip thru are macro viruses and those
that are sent thru compressed files... correct? Or is there something else
that may happen that I haven't thought of?



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