Possible to have MailScanner use SA database?

Lush, Richard Richard.Lush at HP.COM
Wed Jun 11 08:14:36 IST 2003

Hi All,

The webmin module is just that, a group of perl cgi scripts for managing
MailScanner.  There is an option for editing the whitelists but it is a
global whitelist, haven't tried creating user specific whitelists but I
expect you could so this with a ruleset(?).  If this is something that
people want then I will look at adding it in to the module.

I do have plans to create a standalone gui which will allow you to
manage multiple MS servers - I'm looking at adding that functionality to
the webmin module to. The new gui will be non-web based but I will notbe
starting work on it until much later in the year. 

I'd love to hear from people as to what extra things they would like to
see in front end.  Please mail me on webmin at lushsoft.dyndns.org.

There is a new version on the way which should (hopefully) be released
this Friday.  It does have a lot more functionality (ability to edit all
rulesets is the main one).

Forrest - I did try and email another reply but it is still being


Webmin module author

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I've not used Webmin before, but I downloaded the Webmin MailScanner
module (which is really a tar archive) and looked at it.

It's a bunch of *.cgi scripts (perl, etc) -- so it could probably be
easily broken down (with enough time and patience) to be a more
generalized application.

I personally would like to see something done in PHP - both for managing
the server configurations and for individual users.


At 09:26 PM 6/10/2003, Ryan Bingham wrote:
> > Do you know if it's possible to have a web interface so that users 
> > can add things to their own whitelist?
> >
> > Jody
>Hi Jody,
>There's been some talk on the list about this recently; I 
>double-checked the archives and found some references to Webmin for 
>MailScanner.  Here's the MailScanner Webmin homepage:
>It looks like by default it's meant to administer global MailScanner 
>settings, but one archive thread mentions being able to assign users in

>Webmin and letting them edit their own whitelist and blacklist rules.
>I've never used Webmin, though, so I'll shut up and invite other more 
>knowledgeable people to jump in at this point.
>Hope that at least gets you started.

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