Possible to have MailScanner use SA database?

Bingham, Ryan ryanb at AACRAO.ORG
Tue Jun 10 19:48:16 IST 2003

To save Julian some work, here's his response to a similar question
posted about three hours ago:

Julian wrote:

> This won't work with MailScanner, as MailScanner
> doesn't use "spamc" (it's slow), and it is always
> run as the same user.

> You can fairly easily add code to MailScanner
> (see CustomConfig.pm) to read per-user settings
> from a SQL database. There will shortly be some code
> appearing to do this which you will just be able
> to use without playing around at all.

> In the mean time, I might be able to find you some,
> but it isn't polished yet.

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Subject: Possible to have MailScanner use SA database?


I'm trying to setup a database for SpamAssassin for individual user
preferences. I just realized that with how MailScanner calls sa, I don't
think that's possible. Is there a way to tell MS to use that database
for individual user preferences?

Jody Cleveland
(cleveland at mail.winnefox.org)

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