MailScanner-mrtg-0.05 Is (finally) out!

Dale Lovelace dlovelace at HOTELS.COM
Tue Jun 10 14:56:12 IST 2003

  I've just posted the latest MailScanner-mrtg to my SourceForge site at

  This is a maintenance release which fixes a few reported bugs, adds a new graph for systems that use tmpfs, and most importantly works correctly  under Red Hat 9!

 You will probably want to "diff" your old config files and the new (.rpmsave) config files and merge them. If this is confusing just email and I will try to add more description here.

  Want to help with mailscanner-mrtg? I'm looking for a few good perl scripters who would like to make their mark on the Open Source community! Email dale at and I will hook you up!

        Added / to end of inqueue and outqueue paths for symlinks
        Add graph for space used in /dev/shm/ (Ram Disk)
        removed "use strict" since it doesn't work in Red Hat 9
        Fixed viruses check to look for both "viruses" and "problems"
        MailBytes now reads in MBytes instead of Bytes
                Thanks to Denis Beauchemin
        Change "Restart Threshold" to 1

  Dale Lovelace
  Linux System Administrator
  (469) 335-1074

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