Changing Precedence to junk

Peter Peters P.G.M.Peters at CIV.UTWENTE.NL
Tue Jun 10 12:49:17 IST 2003

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003 09:32:20 -0500, you wrote:

>Mailman uses the precedence of either Bulk or List...can't remember which.  My
>question is this...WHY would you bounce spam?  The large percentage of spam you
>bounce more than likey comes from forged addresses.  Therefore, attempting to
>bounce them just generates more useless traffic on the net and your boxen (IMHO
>of course).

Spam isn't bounced but people using out-of-office assistance still send
OOO messages to the address in the spam. I haven't been able to get a
(good) instructionset to get the people use rules to limit the OOO's
they send.

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