f-prot's new mailbox licensing model

Rishi Gangoly rishi at THEARGONCOMPANY.COM
Tue Jun 10 12:33:08 IST 2003

Hi all...

With f-prot's new mailbox licensing model, I'm considering using just
MailScanner standalone and not using any AV scanner as I don't see any great

MailScanner seems to be doing such a great job on it's own. Half the time
because of the file name pattern check or IFrame TAGs or whatever, new
viruses are quarantined as well.

Basically it looks like all that f-prot seems to be doing is Naming the Virus
in the e-mail report / notification  (big deal) ;-)

The only downside I forsee is that the notification of new viruses like KLEZ,
Sobig or BugBear virus, will constantly be sent to invalid FROM addresses.

Also sometimes viruses are accidentally sent inside zip file attachments.
Without the AV software, MailScanner would fail to catch these situations.

If you notice there isn't any question here so far ;-)

I'm hoping to trigger a conversation .... so do you guys think?
Is this a good idea?
Also, can it be done?



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