Sophos-autoupdate on FreeBSD

Marco Obaid marco at MUW.EDU
Tue Jun 10 00:39:37 IST 2003


I am trying to install Sophos on a FreeBSD 4.8 system using Sophos.insall
script. It is failing when it tries to fetch the ides, complaing about the
version of Sophos, which I downloaded off their website and *is* the latest.

Here is what happens when I run Sophos.install:

$ /opt/MailScanner/bin/Sophos.install
Clearing out old default Sophos installation libraries
Clearing out unpacked distribution
Unpacking distribution
Installing Sophos for MailScanner
Sophos Anti-Virus installation utility [FreeBSD/Intel]
Copyright (c) 1998,2001 Sophos Plc, Oxford, England

Binaries will be installed in '/usr/local/Sophos/bin'
Libraries will be installed in '/usr/local/Sophos/lib'
Manual pages will be installed in '/usr/local/Sophos/man'
Virus data will be installed in '/usr/local/Sophos/lib'

SWEEP will be installed
InterCheck will not be installed

===> Installing binaries
sweep copied to /usr/local/Sophos/bin/sweep

===> Installing shared library copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/ symlinked to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/
ldconfig -R -m /usr/local/Sophos/lib symlinked to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/

===> Installing virus data
vdl-3.70.dat copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl-3.70.dat
vdl01.vdb copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl01.vdb
vdl02.vdb copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl02.vdb
vdl03.vdb copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl03.vdb
vdl04.vdb copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl04.vdb
vdl05.vdb copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl05.vdb
vdl06.vdb copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl06.vdb
vdl07.vdb copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl07.vdb
vdl08.vdb copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl08.vdb
vdl09.vdb copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl09.vdb
vdl10.vdb copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl10.vdb
vdl11.vdb copied to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl11.vdb
vdl-3.70.dat symlinked to /usr/local/Sophos/lib/vdl.dat
Adjusting /etc/sav.conf

===> Installing manual pages
sweep.1 copied to /usr/local/Sophos/man/man1/sweep.1

===> Checking paths are accessible
         $PATH is OK
         Library path is OK
Warning: FreeBSD 4 and above: you may need to install the FreeBSD version 3.x
         compatibility libraries on your system.

         Manual path is OK
===> Installation complete <===
Creating links so Perl-SAVI module compiles

Fetching latest IDE virus identities from
Unzipping the new Sophos IDE files failed. This may well be because your
Sophos installation is too old. Please install the latest release of


Has anyone run into this?


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