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At 19:28 09/06/2003, you wrote:
>What version are you at? The old version had serious update issues. Julian
>if you want a sendmail version for testing let me know I have 6 license and
>am only using one. I will be more than happy to provide you with a license.

If you could give me a copy of the PAVCL code, with a username/password to
get updates, that would be very helpful.

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>Can someone tell me how we might go about automating the Panda updates?
>I haven't got customer access to their site yet.
>Do they give any guidance on this subject at all?
>At 18:00 09/06/2003, you wrote:
> > > The command line tool is new to me. I am not sure of its capabilities. I
> >use
> > > the perimeter scan because it comes with a nice web interface for
> >
> >I just installed the trial of the command line version and it is working
> >fine. It just needs an upgrade of the virus patterns so it only catches old
> >viruses.
> >
> >Francesco.
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