SQL user options

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Jun 9 19:35:10 IST 2003

Take a look in CustomConfig.pm. There is per-user whitelist and blacklist
code there, which will give you hints as to how to read config options from
a SQL db.

There will later be more code here to read data from SQL dbs, but not quite

At 20:03 09/06/2003, you wrote:
>Hi folks!
>I hope to find an answer here...
>I just read, that it is possible to have user options in a SQL database.
>I want to do that with whitelists, blacklists...
>How can I do that? And what other 'option' can be hold by a SQL
>I would also need the possibility to have white-/blacklists on a
>Please CC: me, if you reply!
>Best regards,
>  Oliver

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