Panda Pricing

Sanjay Patel sanjay.patel at REXWIRE.COM
Mon Jun 9 17:40:57 IST 2003

Its not your fault. The panda site is configured just like their
documentations (neither make sense). Call them for clarification. 

The command line tool is new to me. I am not sure of its capabilities. I use
the perimeter scan because it comes with a nice web interface for reports.
It's a much easier sell to higher ups we have found out plus transition to a
low level techie is easier.

PS ****No matter what you buy go and download the latest version from their
FTP site after buying.****

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> I cannot find a way of getting this separately, despite what 
> they say. All
> the "buy" or "try" links take you to "Panda PerimeterScan" pages.

I found that too and it was only when out of curiousity about just what they
might be charging for 'perimeter scan' I followed the sales links and found
that there is a drop-down menu for selecting which product from the
perimeter scan family, the command line scanner is on that list (to buy

It has to be said that their site is really badly designed from a
navigational point of view.

> However....
> there is also a "freeware" "Panda Antivirus for Linux"
> However, there appears to be no way of getting updates for 
> the free one.
> The updates page requires a username+password which implies paying
> customers only.

That was the conclusion I came to as well.

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