ran df2mbox -- now what?

Christopher Albert christopher.albert at MCGILL.CA
Mon Jun 9 17:18:13 IST 2003

Mack Ragan wrote:

>Hi, all,
>I have run df2mbox on various folders in the quarantine directory.  The
>results are large files named "spam.20030609" (or whatever the date is).
>Now, I'm confused about what my options are at this point.  What is the
>purpose of creating the spam.* files, and how can I use them, or the queue
>files that I converted from, to find and/or send suspected spam that a user
>may still want?  Do I even need to run df2mbox?  Or, can I do stuff with
>the queue files?  I really need some insight and suggestions on this
>thanks (and sorry if this was too ambiguous),
Use something like mutt -f  spam.20030609 so you can read it like a
normal unix mailbox to say, test for FPs.


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