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Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Jun 9 15:35:22 IST 2003

At 14:50 09/06/2003, you wrote:
> >but that we needed to buy the "mail server" version, which is
> > simply not true from a technical standpoint, and exhibits a curious lack
> > of understanding about how MailScanner works.
>So which version do we need? I am completely confused :-(
>However the Panda pricing is good, so even if we bought the wrong version
>we wouldn't be TOO broke :-)
>Could Julian or somebody else neutral please clarify???

They have a "module" called PAVCL (Panda Anti-Virus Command Line) which is
available for Windows and Linux. According to the site, this is available
separately, or as part of the "Panda PerimeterScan" bundle.

I cannot find a way of getting this separately, despite what they say. All
the "buy" or "try" links take you to "Panda PerimeterScan" pages.

So it's possible that in reality you have to buy the entire PerimeterScan
bundle to get it. Worth quizzing their sales folk on the subject though.

there is also a "freeware" "Panda Antivirus for Linux"

However, there appears to be no way of getting updates for the free one.
The updates page requires a username+password which implies paying
customers only.
Julian Field
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