selective IFRAME filtering

Gary Smithe gsmithe at OFALLON90.NET
Sun Jun 8 20:41:00 IST 2003

I didn't think that IFRAMES would even be in the .conf file...
Guess I need to read the docs thoroughly before posting.
Thanks again!

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	From: Ryan Bingham [mailto:ryanb at AACRAO.ORG] 
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	Subject: Re: selective IFRAME filtering

	Hi Gary,
	You can set up a ruleset for this.  Look for this line in your
	MailScanner.conf file:
	Allow IFrame Tags =
	and point it to a ruleset filename.  For example:
	Allow IFrame Tags  = /etc/MailScanner/rules/iframe.whitelist.rules
	Then in your /etc/MailScanner/rules directory, create a file called
	In it you can put entries like:
	From:            someone at    yes
	FromOrTo:    default                                no
	I believe you can also put wildcards:
	From:    *    yes
	Just be sure that the last line of your ruleset file is
	FromOrTo:        default    no
	So that the default action for the rest of your mail will still be to
	disallow IFrame tags.
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	From: "Gary Smithe" <gsmithe at OFALLON90.NET>
	Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2003 7:04 PM
	Subject: selective IFRAME filtering
	> Hi,
	>      I subscribe to a couple of comics from, and 1 of them is
	filtered as having an IFRAME html code (but not the other - weird).  Anyway,
	is there a way to add this to a whitelist or something since I know it is
	benign (I'd like to catch all other IFRAME tags though).
	> I'm not using any AV software on this relay, that's handled on the hidden
	exchange server - this is just the built-in filter.
	> Thanks,
	> Gary

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