RBL's Working?

Mike Zanker mike at ZANKER.ORG
Sat Jun 7 17:43:27 IST 2003

On 07 June 2003 12:33 -0400 Gerry Doris <gerry at DORFAM.CA> wrote:

> I haven't noticed anything marked by either ORDB-RBL or
> Infinite-Monkeys in a long, long time.  Are these RBL's working?

Monkeys definitely. I'm using it with sendmail to reject at the SMTP
level - last one rejected 45 minutes ago.

I only use ORDB with SpamAssassin and the last one marked was May 6th.

> If so, how should they be called?  I've got the following in
> spam.assassin.prefs.conf
> score ORDB-RBL  4

That should be


for SpamAssassin, shouldn't it?

> score Infinite-Monkeys  4

SpamAssassin doesn't use Infinite Monkeys AFAIK.

> I haven't changed anything in spam.lists.conf.

That's just for MailScanner, not SpamAssassin, I believe.


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