F-prot says I need the mail server license

Marco Obaid marco at MUW.EDU
Sat Jun 7 00:14:56 IST 2003


> Can anyone advise the next best choice for use with Mailscanner
> preferably based on a per server basis.

I use both Command Antivirus and Sophos. Give Command a shot. It is not pricey
and it is very solid. It is really based on F-Prot technology. Easy to install
and I have had good luck with it so far. For half the price of what I paid for
Sophos, I got unlimited desktop and server licenses. This is educational
discount though. Sophos was very expensive (including the educational
discount) just for the one server that I bought it for. Sophos will ask the
infamous question "how many e-mail users do you have?" ... I use it on a
server with *no* users :)

My experience with Sophos has not been great. The sales people are very
tricky. Their prices are not defined and/or clear. I got two quotes from two
different people for the same configuration. Support staff immediately throws
the ball in your court before they even listen to the problem. I don't have
good feeling about Sophos. However, their Antivirus software is solid.

Just my 2 cents !!!


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