Mcafee autoupdate revisited

Professional Investments Investor Services info at
Fri Jun 6 14:32:47 IST 2003


Sorry to badger this one, but I do not believe my autoupdate is working
correctly. I have recently upgraded to 4.21-9, have removed the previous
cron job that I had been calling and am relying on the rpm installed
update_virus_scanners that is implemented in my cron.hourly directory. In my
system log I can see that 04:01:01 pilx CROND[26206]: (root) CMD (run-parts
/etc/cron.hourly) runs and then no subsequent errors however yesterday upon
reading more regarding bugbear.b I checked my latest dat file and it had not
been upgraded to mcafee's release on June 5th. Should I be looking elsewhere
for an error? If you could please direct me to some things to check that
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

Mark Tavares
IS Tech Support
Professional Investments Inc.

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