F-prot says I need the mail server license

Eric Sandquist esandquist at IHMS.NET
Thu Jun 5 19:04:04 IST 2003

I've been using ClamAv-0.54 for a while and it seems to catch everything...
Definitions seem to be as current or better than some of the commercial
stuff...  And it's FREE under the GNU license...  :)  Using it in
conjunction with Postfix-2.0.10/SpamAssassin-2.55/Amavis-NG- (didn't
know about MailScanner when I set this up, and am not sure how they

I use MailScanner on another server that uses sendmail because I didn't have
access to the original sendmail.mc file nor was my sendmail compiled with
milter support.  Mail Scanner had installation instructions which allowed me
to work arround those issues on my Managed Dedicated Server(MDS).  I could
have requested the changes from the hosting company, but then when there is
a tech support issue, their frontline tech guys get confused..  ;)

I think CA's Etrust/InoculateIT/Inoculan is on a per machine license too...
Although, if your using Winblows, make sure you get the available patches or
your machines will be extraordinarily slow....  We use it on the LAN -
servers and workstations...

Systems Engineer
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Subject: F-prot says I need the mail server license

F-prot have advised me that I will need to use the mail server pricing model
for use with Mailscanner which means I will have to look at other virus

Can anyone advise the next best choice for use with Mailscanner preferably
based on a per server basis.


Dean Plant

Reply from F-Prot

Dear Dean Plant,

Thank you very much for your mail.

For this purpose you would need to purchase a license for our Mail Server

The license fee for F-Prot Antivirus for Linux Mail Servers is based on the
number of mailboxes that the license should cover.  Our website offers you
the possibility to calculate the license fee for various numbers of
mailboxes. Please access the calculator from the following path:


If you need price information for a license covering more than 5000
mailboxes, please contact us again with the exact number of mailboxes that
the license should cover.

Best regards,
Kristin Hardardottir
F-Prot Antivirus Sales Department

sales at f-prot.com
Tel: +354-540-7400
Fax: +354-540-7401

Frisk Software International
Postholf 7180
IS-127 Reykjavik

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message may be delayed.

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> From: Plant, Dean [mailto:dean.plant at roke.co.uk]
> Sent: 4. júní 2003 10:47
> To: 'sales at f-prot.com'
> Subject: FW: FRISK-S-20030530-0027 (f-prot for Linux)
> I have a Linux file server that acts as a mail proxy and I would like to
use f-prot to
> scan mail passing through the proxy (There are no mailboxes on the
server). Will
> the F-Prot Antivirus for Linux File Servers license allow this.
> Thanks
> Dean Plant

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