MailScanner cron job?

Chris W. Parker cparker at SWATGEAR.COM
Wed Jun 4 22:58:37 IST 2003

Eric Sandquist <mailto:esandquist at IHMS.NET> wrote:

> I have 5 child-processes set for Mail Scanner...  In about an hour
> server load had exceeded 17.0-22.0... ouch.. not acceptable... was
> barely able to get back in and kill things off, and that was only
> after a reboot... 
> Took another 10-20 minutes to settle back down to normal...
> Would reducing the child-processes to 1 stop this from happening?

I would suggest it. Worse thing you'd have to do is change the value back and then restart again.

After I made this change the box has been running better believe it or not.


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