MailScanner talk

Gerry Doris gerry at
Wed Jun 4 19:18:49 IST 2003

> The readers of this list might be interested in a talk that I gave
> to many of Cambridge University's computer support staff about our
> MailScanner setup. Apart from the Cambridge-specific information,
> there's a fair amount about our local policy and how it was
> formulated.
> Tony.

Good stuff!

BTW, I was staring at the pic of the folks in SARs masks.  It's strange
that only a few months ago no one had even heard of that damn disease and
now you'd have to be living in a cave on a remote island not to know.

I live just outside of Toronto within 15-20 min of three main hospitals
where SARs appeared.  A local school was closed for 10 days (just opened
yesterday) where all 1700 teachers and students had been in quarantine.  I
just heard on the news that several hospitals have agreed to double the
salaries of nurses who are working with SARs patients.  Even then some are
refusing to come to work anymore.

Everyone here thought this was over until a couple of weeks ago when a 96
year old man who had contracted pneumonia after a hip operation was moved
to a second hospital.  It appears that he had also contracted SARs in the
hospital just before the move.  Suddenly there was a whole new outbreak.

On the other hand you wouldn't know there is a problem here at all unless
you tried to go to a hospital.  That's were the real action is.


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