MailScanner cron job?

Chris W. Parker cparker at SWATGEAR.COM
Tue Jun 3 23:51:57 IST 2003

Kevin Spicer <mailto:kevins at BMRB.CO.UK> wrote:

> > Whats more running on that box besided mailscanner ? I had a old
> > Compaq running a long time, Pentium Pro 200, little bit more ram
> > btw, but that pushed out a few thousand messages a day.
> Similar experiences here, have pushed serveral thousand mesasges per
> day through a low spec machine, but again with more ram than 64M

It also runs MySQL, Apache, MRTG, vsftp.

MySQL and Apache are being used for some projects I'm working on at the moment. They get VERY little use. But I understand that they can use a good amount of memory when you've only got 64.

MRTG monitors about 10 different things every 5 minutes.

vsftp is used to upload/download web stuff.

> > I think however that the RAM is the problem.

We have one other computer lying around that's not being used which should be substantially faster than this one. The only thing left to do is get permission to use it.

> Me too, you can reduce your ram usage by reducing the number of
> MailScanner children (in MS.conf), turning off Bayes &
> autowhitelisting in SA may help (although autowhitelisting should be
> off anyway).

Bayes is by default turned off (iirc) as well as autowhitelisting and I have not turned them on. To be sure I checked and they are indeed off.

> Don't put the mailscanner work directory in tmpfs if you're short of
> ram (almost certainly disk IO isn't your problem).

I don't know what you mean by this. Could you instruct me a little further?


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