SpamAssassin timed out and was killed... box too slow?

Chris W. Parker cparker at SWATGEAR.COM
Mon Jun 2 21:14:49 IST 2003

Kevin Spicer <mailto:kevins at BMRB.CO.UK> wrote:

> > On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 20:59, Chris W. Parker wrote:
> Hello.
> We have relatively low email traffic (approx. 450/day on work days)
> and I receive quite a few of these in my /var/log/maillog:
> > May 17 04:03:08 filter MailScanner[3324]: SpamAssassin timed out and
> > was killed, consecutive failure 1 of 20
> > Does this mean my computer is too slow? It's a 200mhz pentium!!!
> Probably not - more likely this was an RBL which failed to respond in
> a timely fashion.  It probably a good idea to tweak the SpamAssassin
> Timeout in MailScanner.conf to 40s (if its not there already) as some
> internal SpamAssassin timeouts are 30s.

Actually I've got RBL checking turned off and my SA timeout is already set at 60s.

Any other ideas?


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