Safe to upgrade SpamAssassin?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Jun 2 20:45:22 IST 2003

At 20:32 02/06/2003, you wrote:
>Chris W. Parker <> wrote:
> > I'll give it a shot and let everyone know how it goes.
>The CPAN thing didn't work. It continuously timed out when trying to
>connect to So I tried rebuilding the source rpm, that didn't
>work either*. Then I just downloaded the i386.rpm and installed that. As
>far as I know it's installed and working. How can I verify what version of
>SA is being used?

The problem with the i386.rpm is that on many versions of many OS's it gets
the paths wrong and won't actually work. If you are lucky, then
use Mail::SpamAssassin;
print $Mail::SpamAssassin::VERSION . "\n";
(then press Ctrl-D and it will print the version number).

>* Probably user error.

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