Safe to upgrade SpamAssassin?

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Mon Jun 2 18:19:07 IST 2003

At 18:15 02/06/2003, you wrote:
>Raymond Dijkxhoorn <mailto:raymond at PROLOCATION.NET> wrote:
> > > I'm pretty new to MailScanner (I really like it so far) so I'm
> > > surveying the list about whether or not I can upgrade SpamAssassin.
> > > Currently I'm using SA 2.31, MS 4.20-3, on RH 8. I'd like to
> > > upgrade SA to the latest version (2.55).
> > >
> > > Aside from downloading the rpm and installing is there anything
> > > else I should do? And is there anything I should look out for?
> >
> > You have to install spamassassin via CPAN.
> > Install Mail::SpamAssassin
> >
> > Dont use the RPM's to avoid trouble.
>Ok, I think I can do that. One last bit of clarification though, does it
>cause a problem that the initial install of SA was done via RPM?

Delete the RPM before you start installing the new version. I can't
remember the capitalisation used in the RPM, but one of these will do it:
         rpm -e spamassassin
         rpm -e SpamAssassin

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