New F-Prot

Spicer, Kevin Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK
Mon Jun 2 16:58:12 IST 2003

Its good to see that they've kept the personal version free for 'personal workstations' ( a bit of a grey area that since my personal workstation at home happens to also be a proxy server, file server, print server, web server for my home network!)

Their mail solution seems a bit pricy at $1920 (based on 500 users) for something that seems to be a script which hooks into procmail.

They also appear to be offering a .so file with the server version - I wonder if we'll see a perl wrapper API for that (like with SophosSavi)? 

> At 16:29 02/06/2003, you wrote:
> >Well, the new F-Prot line-up is up on
> >
> >Question is, which one to use with Mailscanner? The AV for 
> Mail Servers
> >seems to be overkill with its own daemon. The workstation 
> version at $29
> >seems to be sufficient!
>  From what I can see the only functionality you need is 
> provided by the
> workstation edition.
> Can someone extract a copy of the licence from them and mail 
> it to me, so I
> can whether they have anything to say on the subject of scanning mail
> attachments with it.
> --
> Julian Field
> MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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