Vedr.: Kaspersky 4.0

Jan Elmqvist Nielsen JEN at AH.DK
Mon Jun 2 11:06:13 IST 2003

If the attachment is .exe it is not caught på kaspersky! It was mailscanner rules!

>>> JEN at AH.DK 02-06-2003 11:49:55 >>>
Has anyone experience with Kaspersky 4.0 for Linux together with mailscanner 4.21?

My installation dosn't scan mail attachment if there are .zip or .822 files
If the attachment is a .exe it is caught by kaspersky

If I run kavscanner it cached the virus in .zip and .822 files

I have try to copy ther defunix.prf from /opt/avp/etc to /usr/lib/mailscanner/kaspersky.prf without any luck

I have a Kaspersky 3.0 installation which are working fine together with mailscanner 4.21!


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