Chris-Bellsouth ctrudeau at BELLSOUTH.NET
Thu Jul 31 13:04:31 IST 2003

> >How can I verify that spamassassin is using dcc? When I do cdcc info I do
> >get a response but this is no guarantee that spamassassin is using dcc. I
> >call spamassassin through MailScanner
> Look for DCC in the Spam Header of messages that have gone through
> MailScanner, or do a test run of MailScanner with Debug and Debug
> SpamAssassin both set to yes, and look through the output.

You can also try:

# spamassassin -D --lint

and look for lines like this in the output:

debug: DCC is available: /usr/local/bin/dccproc
debug: entering helper-app run mode
debug: DCC: got response: X-DCC-dmv.com-Metrics:
mta01.prod.messagedefense.com 1181; Body=50212


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