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Sounds like your using an Outlook client. If so, the header mangling
you're seeing is a "Feature" of your outlook client, not MailScanner.

There is a lot of discussion on this Outlook feature / problem on the
mailing list.

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On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 07:34, Plant, Dean wrote:

> Julian,
> I am using Mailscanner 4-21.9, please excuse me if this has already been implemented, I have checked the change log.
> I use the "attachment deliver" option for low-scoring spam. If the user decides that the mail is not spam the mail is dropped into a public folder for processing with sa-learn. The  original message has now had the header information removed and placed into the encapsulating mail. This means that now a can no longer pass the encapsulated mail with its original header info back into sa-learn.
> Would it be possible to leave the header information in place when encapsulating mail, it would make life easier when using with sa-learn.
> Thanks
> Dean Plant
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