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Thu Jul 31 11:21:11 IST 2003

At 11:04 31/07/2003, you wrote:
>Chris Trudeau wrote:
>>>this is exactly the problem I'm seeing with 4.22.5 on FreeBSD.
>>CT:  OK, there seems to be a common thread...I haven't expanded test to
>>anything other than 4.22-5 or 4.22.1, but the older version I have working
>>beatifully, so either the logging function in 4.22-1 doesn't have the NULL
>>value problem or its addressed differently.  Perhaps I will try installing
>>4.22-1 or a between version to try and pinpoint where it breaks!
>looking at the 4.22.1 code there's quite a big change on the whole SQL
>logging setup. Infact the code is radically different.
>in 4.22.1 it reads the logfile to get the info required. Slow...
>in 4.22.5 it's using the values from the currently processed email to
>drive the insert. It's a lot faster, but seems not to translate NULLs
>etc very well.

This goes in CustomConfig.pm around line 373.
It goes in just before the "prepare" statement that inserts @fields into
the database table.
Note the additional bugfix when replacing ' with \'

   while(<$logfile1>) {
     @fields = split(/\t/);
     # Work through each field protecting any special characters such as '
     # The line below replaces ' with \'
     @fields = map { s/\'/\\'/g } @fields;

     # Set any empty strings to NULL so the SQL insert works correctly
     @fields = map { ($_ eq '')?'NULL':"$_" } @fields;

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