How to set up sendmail to accept and discard all email?

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Thu Jul 31 09:52:07 IST 2003

Attached is the Perl script I use for doing exactly this. It doesn't
involve sendmail or any other external program at all.

It implements just enough SMTP protocol to be able to sink mail.

You should just be able to make it executable and then run it with
         ./smtpsinkd &

At 09:32 31/07/2003, you wrote:
>I want to set up a test network of three machines:
>One standard mailserver which gets loaded up with a bunch of mails to send.
>One MailScanner system which receives the mails, processes them, and sends
>them on...
> a third machine which accepts them and immediately discards the mail
>(preferably without queueing it, storing it on disk, or anything).
>I know I can get the MS machine to send all its mails to a single server
>easily enough, either by using a smart relay, or by redirecting packets with
>a firewall, but is there some simple way I can configure sendmail on the
>third machine so that it appears as an open relay (that bit's easy) and
>accepts all mail, but then immediately discards it?
>Is it something as simple as specifying a queue directory of /dev/null
>(something tells me sendmail would complain at this...), or is there another
>trick I should use?
>Hope someone out there can help,
>If at first you don't succeed, destroy all the evidence that you tried.
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