Slight OT question: SuSE vs other RPM

Greyhair greyhair at GREYHAIR.NET
Tue Jul 29 21:24:16 IST 2003

> Hi!
> > Why is mailscanner-4.22-5.noarch.rpm from the SuSE package different?
> > SuSE:  mailscanner-4.22-5.noarch.rpm  MD5:
> > RPM:  mailscanner-4.22-5.noarch.rpm  MD5:
> Why are roses red, why is the sky blue ...
> Bye,
> Raymond.

Roses are red because pigment in the petals absorb all but red light.
redlight is reflected back to your eyes.  Reflection of light off the ocean
onto atmosphereic dust particles makes the sky blue. less particles makes
for darker blue (almost black) sky. more particles... lighter blues with
hint of smog... :(
now, kindly answer my question. (i did ask it first! :p  )

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