Very OT: Re: Slight OT question: SuSE vs other RPM

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Jul 29 21:21:23 IST 2003

At 21:08 29/07/2003, you wrote:
> > Why is mailscanner-4.22-5.noarch.rpm from the SuSE package different?
> > SuSE:  mailscanner-4.22-5.noarch.rpm  MD5: eda5977cf2bf1e5e7f1c51e68a21cae5
> > RPM:  mailscanner-4.22-5.noarch.rpm  MD5: 0a61abb9224d371e99b51844d32a82d0
>Why are roses red, why is the sky blue ...

Not sure about the roses, but

Who would have guessed that someone registered just
to answer this question...
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