ZMailer update

Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Mon Jul 28 23:47:34 IST 2003

Hi Julian,

rather than make you search thru the recently "marked as already read" mail
pile, I'll write again :-)

I uploaded a modified init.d/MailScanner script sysconfig/MailScanner file so
that the rpm is a little more ZMailer aware.

I did the modifications following the spirit of the original files (I based
them on the 4.22-5 release).

As I know your development setup doesn't call for patches (at least for those
I can generate from a standard distribution), I uploaded everything to the

MailScanner you'll find the init.d startup script and in
ig/MailScanner, the sysconfig file. Both are ready for distribution in the
sense that the variables are set up for Sendmail and you have to modify the
sysconfig file in order to use ZMailer.

Finally I updated the instructions for installing MailScanner+ZMailer, using
either RPM's (both for MS and ZM) or for doing it manually. I included a
patch for the init.d script but, if you include it in the future, I'll change
the instructions so that you just edit 2 or 3 lines and you're ready to go.

The instructions are at
tall/zmailer.shtml (I copied your ecs.css so the look doesn't change).

The instructions include absolute links to an init.d script for MailScanner
standalone and for ZMailer standalone (for the manual installation). They
point to
iler and

Feel free to copy both to your site and edit the document accordingly, or
live it pointing there, as you prefer.

The later script should work with MailScanner standalone, in the sense that
you can start only MailScanner with this script and have independent scripts
for starting sendmail, exim, postfix or whatever mta you're using.

Regards, and welcome back.

Mariano Absatz
El Baby
"Unix was not designed to stop people from doing stupid things,
because that would also stop them from doing clever things."
                       --Doug Gwyn

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