MS vs. Amavis

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki rzewnickie at RFA.ORG
Mon Jul 28 22:04:17 IST 2003


Thanks for clarifying and correcting my post.

-Eric Rz.

On Fri 25/07/2003 20:07:35, Chris Trudeau wrote:
> > -amavis development is fragmented into various forks of the project.
> Amavisd-new is the most stable of the three general forks mentioned above,
> while fragemented, amavisd is extremely well supported by the communitiy
> which includes several notable names.
> >  Along with that comes fragmentation of the user/support community.
> While I somewhat agree, the support has been stellar from all included in
> Amavisd-new mailings.


> I am actually using both currently in test.  MS is handling initial receipt
> of messages, hands them off to an amavisd-new implementation.  SA scores are
> alomst identical and the accuracy is great.  I have had some problems with
> MS dying on me though and have not had to restart amavisd yet...HOWEVER...
> The configurable nature of MS with rules based processing is STELLAR.  I can
> easily say that my need to support several domains with completely different
> requirements is achieved with MailScanner hands down.  I would rather
> seperate SA prefs for each domain...but that is antoher topic altogether.  I
> like them both, but because of the rules-based config, I will probably go
> with MailScanner.
> I STRONGLY recommend trying both and determining which REALLY meets your
> needs...they both have great strong qualities.
> CT

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