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Sun Jul 27 11:12:57 IST 2003

At 22:50 26/07/2003, you wrote:
>So how was Canada, eh?

Wonderful, thanks. Stayed in some very nice hotels along the way, e.g.
Royal York in Toronto. Breathtaking scenery, particularly through the
Rockies. Canadians are great people, really friendly and very "genuine" if
you get what I mean. When they say "you're welcome" it's because they mean
it, not because they are paid to say it. And they don't tell you to "have a
nice day" the whole time!
I've been to 13 different countries now and it's probably the first one I
would happily move to. And I saw a bear! Yay!

>   Have you managed to catch up on all the list traffic
>since you've been away?

I did "select all" then "mark as read". I had 21,000 new messages waiting
for me, so a certain amount of "bulk" operations had to take place.
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