Whitelist for a single user...

Brady A. Tucker batucker at ICNET.NET
Sat Jul 26 02:57:27 IST 2003

Is there a way to for a whitelist rule to apply to only a single local
address... like

FromAndTo:  Email1 at Somewhere.com  MyUser at mydomain.com   yes

So that Email1 at somewhere.com is only whitelisted for MyUser at mydomain.com,
for anyone else the regular scan/spam check process would apply.

The reason I want to do this is that we currently maintain a list of
addresses in a db,  that db is parsed output to our three mailservers many
times a day to the spam.whitelist.rules and spam.blacklist.rules.   What I
want to do is make this available to my users (within their secured login
area) so that they can administer their own whitelist WITHOUT calling our
techs.   However,  invariably one bonehead is going to put  From: * in
there, or whitelist other addresses the other 30,000+ email boxes don't want
whitelisted.  I would therefore like to be able to limit it to only that
user via their email address (which is known from the login they used to get
into the 'customer only' area).

                                      Brady A. Tucker
                                      Internet Complete! inc.

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