MS vs. Amavis

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki rzewnickie at RFA.ORG
Fri Jul 25 20:59:23 IST 2003

I'm in the process of switching from amavisd to MS. In no particular
order, here are some of the reasons:

-amavis development is fragmented into various forks of the project.
 Along with that comes fragmentation of the user/support community.
-amavis doesn't do spam filtering
-amavis AFAIK calls an instance of your virus scanner for every single
 message whereas MS gathers mail up into batches and invokes the virus
 scanner for each batch.
-MS focuses on scanning mail. amavis tries to do smtp. it seems better
 to leave that to the MTA

Just a few reasons we're looking at switching. I'm sure others will have

-Eric Rz.

On Fri 25/07/2003 21:47:05, Nejc Skoberne wrote:
> Hi.
> Can someone who used both virusscanners do a quick comparation between
> these scanners - which is better for which function and why.
> Thanks a lot!
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> Nejc Skoberne
> Grajska 5
> SI-5220 Tolmin
> E-mail: nejc.skoberne at

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