Mailscanner corrupting pdf files

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Fri Jul 25 11:46:35 IST 2003

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> Plant, Dean wrote:
>  > I have a little more time to look at this and your correct 
> about the  > virus scanning not being at fault. I forgot to 
> mention that the  > Mailscanner adds a disclaimer, turning 
> off the disclaimer stops the  > corruption of the pdf.  >  > 
> I found the below link which talks about a similar problem 
> with  > mimedefang / Exchange & MIME::Tools.  >  > 
 > Does anyone know if this could happen within mailscanner?

That sounds more plausible. I don't quite how the disclaimer is added
but it is feasible that the process of doing that is causing the
problem. Patching Exchange to behave properly (i.e. base64'ing PDF's)
seems the most sensible route, although I realise that there is a lot of
experience in adapting Unix programs to cater for the wierdness of
Bill-ware! ;-)


I was about to post to the list about the PDF problem. We are running MS
4.22-5 with SA 2.55 and users are suffering some serious problems
sending/receiving PDF files. The problem seems to have started with SA

The problem is even apparent with a local sender who is using Pine on a
Unix system. Zipping the PDF file appears to make no difference. It thus
appears that it is within MS or one of the modules that is processing
the PDF file that the problem occurs. 

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