Sendmail - Multiple recipient and white-black listing

Stephen Swaney Steve at
Thu Jul 24 22:49:16 IST 2003

I've found more detailed directions on implementing Sendmail Extended
Queue Groups, the sendmail feature you need to break email to multiple
recipients up into messages to  individual recipients. This allows
MailScanner to apply individual user preferences to each recipient of
the message, not only the first recipient.

The  better reference:

NOTE: this reference implies that this "Feature" is only available in
sendmail versions 8.12.x. but this may apply only to the implementation
of the queuegroupx.m4 macro. I don't know if this means that the "snip"
directions in the faq-o-matic will not work with sendmail versions
earlier than 8.12. Any sendmail experts who can comment on this - please

These directions allow you to implement this feature by using the m4
macros to generate the file which is my preferred way to
build the file. (no snip cut paste and hurt yourself) .

I need to get this implemented in the next week and will try and post a
full description to the faq-o-matic as soon as I have it tested.

Steve at
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