MS with AntiVir

Nejc Skoberne nejc.skoberne at
Wed Jul 23 19:00:49 IST 2003


root at Octopussy:~# antivir virus.exe
AntiVir / Linux Version 2.0.7-41
Copyright (C) 1994-2003 by H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH.
All rights reserved.

Loading /usr/lib/AntiVir/antivir.vdf ...

AntiVir is running in DEMO mode.

VDF version: created 23 Jul 2003

 Date: 23.07.2003  Time: 19:56:44  Size: 70
 ALERT: [Eicar-Test-Signatur virus] virus.exe <<< Contains code of the Eicar-Test-Signatur virus

----- scan results -----
 directories:        0
       files:        1
      alerts:        1
    repaired:        0
     deleted:        0
     renamed:        0
   scan time: 00:00:01
Thank you for using AntiVir.

As you can see, antivir correctly detects the virus "virus.exe".

If I attach this very file to a message and send it over Postfix+MS,
it passes through.

MailScanner.conf contains this:

Virus Scanners = antivir

If I put clamav there everything works fine. But why does AntiVir not
work? Because of the "DEMO" mode?

Nejc Skoberne
Grajska 5
SI-5220 Tolmin
E-mail: nejc.skoberne at

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