Message larger than max testing size

Antony Stone Antony at SOFT-SOLUTIONS.CO.UK
Wed Jul 23 12:16:54 IST 2003


MailScanner has a setting Max SpamAssassin Size, which avoids doing SA checks
on very large messages.

However, the size appears to apply to the entire incoming email, not just to
the text part of it which would be checked by SA.

For example, I just received a spam mail which is 177684 bytes in size,
however it has two GIF attachments, one 115 kbytes in size and the other 9249
bytes (sorry for the slight mix of units, but that's how my mail client
reports them to me).

The actual text of the message is only 27 lines (not excessively long,
either), but it didn't get SA scanned because the entire mail was too big.

Could this be changed so that the size limit applies to the body of the email
itself, without attachments, rather than the whole thing with images etc




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