Vexing problem

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Jul 23 07:10:30 IST 2003


> > Question:  Is there a possible memory issue with eith MS or SA I should
> > be aware of?  I've got it trimmed down pretty good with no bayes or RBLS
> > and only incoming messages content checked.

> Have you got reasons to suspect a memory problem? 16 MS workes should
> consume up to 550MB (I count 33MB resident set size RSS given by "top" per
> worker). This should be fine with 4GB (your sendmail(?)/ virus-scanner/ SA
> can't take all the rest). Is the machine swapping (while it's mostly no
> problem at all when the machine has swaped out some never used data it's
> of course a problem if the machine is actually freeing and claiming
> swap-space)?

I have 2 GIG RAM inside and no, its not swapping :) It just slows down
after some time. I'll upgrade kernels lateron today to see if thats an

> What are the MS-Processes doing? Standing still (last logentry is what?
> WCHAN and %CPU? strace-output (In the hope Solaris has all this kind of
> information I'm familar to from our linux systems)?) or running too slow?

Its Linux on my two boxes :) ...

> one might suspect, that MS would take more and more time without the
> periodically-restart mechanism (which is by now regarded as a hyper secure
> guard against possibly not actual problems). We have upgraded from v4.12
> last week and swithced to sophossavi.... Nice, I'd love to investigate
> that deeper.

Perhaps once Julian gets back he could have a look. But perhaps the kernel
upgrade allready fixes it, i'll check.


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