User Verification

Randy Herban rherban at HYPERVINE.NET
Tue Jul 22 17:43:18 IST 2003

I have a question about how versitile mailscanner/spamassassin might be
to do user verification.

I've been thinkin about it for a while and my mentality was to have
mailscanner do the verification, if the user doesn't exist, delete the
mail and proceed onto the next, bypassing the rest of the checks as we
won't be delivering this mail anyway.
This has a nasty side as legit mail to a user who was just deleted
wouldn't get bounced back.

My next thought was to use a spamassassin type scoring to it.  For each
nonexistent user we add a score of 1.  If there are that many to push it
over the high spam score then it will get deleted but single messages
(boucebacks) would go under the radar and get delivered fine.

I know that I would be able to write this into mailscanner itself (being
as it's a perl script) but not sure if it's possible to tie it into the
spamassassin scoring.

Does anyone with more knowledge have any input that might assist me?


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