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Joan Bryan joan.bryan at KCL.AC.UK
Tue Jul 22 10:32:53 IST 2003


On Tue, 22 Jul 2003 10:08:48 +0100 Sylvain Phaneuf
<sylvain.phaneuf at IMSU.OXFORD.AC.UK> wrote:

> Hi,
> Reading some old posts, I  saw that some people have very few entries
> in their Silent Viruses line in MailScanner.conf
> I am probably wrong here, so please tell meif I need all the entries
> like
> Yaha-A Yaha-B Yaha-C Yaha-D Yaha-E Yaha-J
> or would simply Yaha would do?
Yaha will do. Here is my list of Silent viruses, but be aware some are
named differently by diffrent anti virus vendors.

Silent Viruses = Bugbear Braid Elkern Fizzer Ganda Holar Klez Korvar Livra Pate
PornDial Sobig WinEvar Yaha


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