mailscanner only sees the envelope TO - solved

Ken Anderson ka at PACIFIC.NET
Fri Jul 18 17:00:43 IST 2003

Peter Peters wrote:

> On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 06:30:18 -0700, you wrote:
>>>After that the messages is processed by MS. Could you confirm that the
>>>new queue-ID's are used in de MS loglines. I presume that sendmail
>>>handles it correctly when he delivers the three messages after the
>>Yes, we put about 500k messages through it yesterday. Sendmail splits
>>the message before it puts the clones of the message into the
>>queue that is used by MailScanner as input. Each message has a unique
>>message id. The total number of messages that your system will then
>>process, and the load on mailscanner will increase a bit, but MS sees
>>these as individual messages having the ids that sendmail assigns in the
>>split log line.
> I know sendmail puts "for <x>" in the received header when there is only
> one recipient. Does this mean the "for" clause is now also in the
> received headers of the "first" sendmail?

We have 2 MS boxes that scan and then relay to our mail hub. What happen
is interesting:
The first TO in the original msg gets the "for <x>" line. After the
message is split, scanned and delivered as separate messages to the mail
hub, ALL of the messages get the "for <x>" line added by the mail hub,
since they appear to our mail hub as separate messages with 1 recip each.

This means that the "for <x>" line can't be depended on to tell you who
the message was really originally addressed to.

However, the original message will have 2 "for <x>" lines, so it's still
possible to tell if a message is an original or a clone so to speak. You
don't really lose anything, since the "other" recipients of a message
never had the "to <X>" information anyway.

The message header of each of the split messages contains the original
message id from before the split, and NOT the new id assigned
and logged by sendmail, so you can trace using that just as you could


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