attach spam doesn't work

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Thu Jul 17 20:36:05 IST 2003


I tried setting up my MailScanner.conf file to do attachments for spam, but then all mail stopped coming in.

I had: Spam Actions = attachment

But then no spam came just got eaten by the server. As soon as I changed it back to:
Spam Actions = deliver

Then the spam started flowing again. Now, much as I would like to see all spam go away...I don't think this is a safe option and is certainly not what I intended.

Also, I was using one of my email addresses to test the spam filtering and labelling and have sent the "gtube" string several times. Now I can't seem to send any email from that address anymore. I do have "auto-whitelist=yes". Any thoughts?

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