storing spam and ham as mbox files

Kevin Anderson andersjk at SOL-INVICTUS.ORG
Thu Jul 17 16:29:17 IST 2003

on my linux box i create a user spam, installed pine then forward all spam
mail to that, then in the morning sort thru it to see if any real mail was
caught, or for automation use bounce and delete the spam, of course any
NDR's will come back with error messages which is no fun then setup
procmail with this:

:0 B
*Unsolicited commercial email rejected

* ^From.*
! user at

user at is then the replacement postmaster.


On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, mikea wrote:

> Is there a way to store ham and spam as mbox files, or just to
> concatenate all the ham to one file and all the spam to another?
> I know about Non Spam Actions, High Scoring Spam Actions, and Spam
> Actions, but these (at least in the MailScanner version I have) just
> store to directories in the quarantine subtree, and then only as
> queue files.
> I'd *love* to be able to store them as mbox files, so that I could
> just run mutt against them to see what had been caught overnight, and
> it would mean that I didn't have to forward spam to my Lotus Notes
> mailbox.
> The Lotus Notes admin would be happy about that, too, I can assure
> you.
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