DSN: Return receipt ??

Remco Barendse mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO
Thu Jul 17 14:49:45 IST 2003

I have something which I can't quite figure out:
I use the following to kill all the read/not read messages with sendmail 
through the following lines in sendmail.mc:

F{SSJunk} /etc/mail/ssjunk.txt
F{DiscardSubs} /etc/mail/discardsubs.txt

HSubject: $>Check_Subject

R$* $={SSJunk} $*       $#error $: NMJUNKSUB
R$* NMJUNKSUB $*        $#error $: "553 Rejected"
R$* $={DiscardSubs} $*  $#discard

This is what's in discardsubs.txt

Still some read/not read messages are getting through. When I look at the 
copies in normal view in pine the subject line is this:
Subject: Read: FW: Entrega de

which should comply with the sendmail rule to get discarded (but isn't).

I suspect this maybe because of M$ Exchange doing something funny with the 
read receipt messages (they are generated by Exchange, not Outlook 
according to the signature of the message). When doing full header view 
the subject looks like this:
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Read=3A_FW=3A_Entrega_de

If the funny subject is indeed the problem is there any way to filter 
these weird messages out too??

The option in the message below (goaway) doesn't do anything in my case, I 
think sendmail will refuse to send out DSN messages but all the users are 
connected to an Exchange server and the behaviour of Exchange is not 
affected by this option (apparently the mails themselves aren't cleaned of 
any DSN parts either).

Any help greatly appreciated!


On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Sebastian Wiesinger wrote:

> * Remco Barendse <mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO> [2003-07-02 16:15]:
> > In the maillog I noticed a remark about a DSN: Return receipt.
> >
> > What does the line from maillog mean? Any return receipt did not appear in
> > the mailbox for archived outgoing mail.
> If a user adds a "Return-Receipt-To: <mail at address>" header to his/her
> mail, sendmail will deliver an receipt upon successful delivery of the
> mail. You can deactivate this feature with the following option in
> your sendmail.mc:
> define(`confPRIVACY_FLAGS', `noreceipts')dnl
> >From the sendmail operation guide:
> #v+
> public         Allow open access
> needmailhelo   Insist on HELO or EHLO command before MAIL
> needexpnhelo   Insist on HELO or EHLO command before EXPN
> noexpn         Disallow EXPN entirely, implies noverb.
> needvrfyhelo   Insist on HELO or EHLO command before VRFY
> novrfy         Disallow VRFY entirely
> noetrn         Disallow ETRN entirely
> noverb         Disallow VERB entirely
> restrictmailq  Restrict mailq command
> restrictqrun   Restrict -q command line flag
> restrictexpand Restrict -bv and -v command line flags
> noreceipts     Don't return success DSNs20
> nobodyreturn   Don't return the body of a message with DSNs
> goaway         Disallow essentially all SMTP status queries
> authwarnings   Put X-Authentication-Warning: headers in messages
>                and log warnings
> #v-
> I prefer the following line:
> define(`confPRIVACY_FLAGS', `goaway,noreceipts,restrictqrun,restrictexpand')dnl
> > I use sendmail rules to discard read receipt messages but in this case
> > there is nothing in the maillog that this message or reply was discarded.
> I don't know what rules you use for discarding, but the configuration
> option above is the right way to deactivate the DSN2.x.x messages.
> For more info about the privacy options, see the sendmail installation
> and operation guide (op/op.txt.gz).
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> InterNetX GmbH
> Sebastian Wiesinger
> System Administration
> eMail: sw at internetx.de

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