Restarting the MailScanner process.

Will Mc Donald wmcdonald at ORCTEL.CO.UK
Thu Jul 17 14:18:28 IST 2003

I think that probably only works for the RPM install since all it does (AFAIA) is:

/etc/rc.d/init.s/$service restart

And there's no $service for MailScanner since it's a tarball install. 

Cheers anyway though.


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From: "David While" <David.While at UCE.AC.UK>

> If you are running RedHat try 
> service MailScanner reload
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> From: Will Mc Donald [mailto:wmcdonald at ORCTEL.CO.UK]
> I just wanted to know what's the quickest, safest way to restart to reread that config?

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