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This has been covered before but I'll check the FAQ and add it if it's

Julian has well scripted the Sophos installation and you need to use his

cd to wherever you un-tarred the Sophos files:

cd <somewhere>/sav-install tehn run


This script does it all!

Then make sure that the SAVI-Perl module is correctly installed:

Then change your MailScanner.conf file:

        Virus Scanners = sophossavi

The update_virus scanners script will also be installed by the new

Note there is no need to run spamd with this setup.

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On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 16:34, Tim Tyler wrote:

> I am in the process of trying to upgrade from mailscanner 2.6 to the latest
> 4.x version.  I am a bit confused in the virus configuration section.  We
> use Sophos.  I believe its simply the Sophossavi license since we only use
> it for email purposes.  I have sophos installed in /usr/local/sav with the
> sweep binary in /usr/local/bin and the libraries in /usr/local/lib.  I
> noticed there is a install.sophos script in mailscanner/bin.  I presume
> that is for the full sophos package and not sophos savi, correct?   The old
> configuration used to have a direct path for the sweep binary.  How do I
> make sure that it can find the sweep binary now?
> Note:
> If I use sophossavi, it doesn't process the messages.  I get the following
> errors in syslog:
> Jul 16 15:07:37 backt MailScanner[27962]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus Scanner
> version 4.22-5 starting...
> Jul 16 15:07:46 backt root: Process did not exit cleanly, returned 2 with
> signal 0
> Somehow, I don't think its finding the sophos binary, "sweep".
> Note: the spam side with spamassassin seems to be working fine.
> Tim Tyler
> Network Engineer - Beloit College
> tyler at
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