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Stephen Swaney Steve at
Wed Jul 16 19:00:47 IST 2003

On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 13:48, Matt Kettler wrote:

> At 12:09 PM 7/16/2003 -0400, Stephen Swaney wrote:
> >What about a MailScanner option that passes delivery of messages to
> >multiple to a recipients to another program, i.e. procmail?
> >
> >Steve
> At that point, why use spam-scanning via MailScanner at all? Why not just
> use procmail to call SA for everything?.

Absolutely right and silly of me not to think of it.

> By passing a subset of the messages to procmail, you've lost any benefits
> of using MS to call SA.

Right again and that is the way I used to use SpamAssassin. Don't want
to go there again!

Am I right in thinking that a message to multiple recipients is not
"split into separate messages" until until the local delivery agent is
called? If so, might it be possible to write another delivery agent that
is only called if the message has multiple recipients. This new delivery
agent would simply deliver the individual (split) messages to the
incoming MailScanner directory.

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